Grand Hôtel, Vinterträdgården – 31 May, 2017  

We will celebrate this anniversary along with key philanthropists, speakers from international and regional organizations, academia, NGOs, government officials, and the private sector.

If you’ve been to SPS before, you know that people show up to connect, to share experiences, to listen, to exchange ideas, to provide peers with feedback, to admit failures so that others may learn from them, to have fun, and to continue driving our global mission of social good forward.



Invitation to the Inauguration of the Guest Scholar Program in Philanthropy Studies at Campus Ersta 30 May. Read more


‘How to Do Good,’ a book collection of personal stories from thought leaders and others driving and inspiring positive changes. Read more


Dame Stephanie Shirley

Watch her special invitation to SPS 2017!

A selection of this year’s tracks includes:

  • Are Swedes overcoming their indifference to philanthropy?
  • Trends in giving that will shape philanthropy in 2017
  • Flag bearers of the sustainable development goals: Who to partner with to achieve sustainable development
  • Giving in the spotlight: Philanthropic advice for Hollywood stars
  • What are the trends and lessons learned for philanthropy advisors and the new generation of philanthropists?
  • How is technology going to change the way you connect with donors?
  • Inside Government policy

For a complete list of speakers and topics, visit this page.



2016 Highlights

2017 Highlights