Morning Sessions 08:30-12:30

8:30  Registration


9:00 Opening of Plenary

Welcome to the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium

Dr. Laurent "Larry" Leksell, Founder and Chairman Elekta AB and Leksell Social Ventures (LSV). Member of SPS Advisory Board
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9:30-10:10  Could More Philanthropic Giving Make the World a Better Place?

Opening Key Note
Speaker - TBD


10:10-10:30  How we can make the world a better place by 2030
Do you think the world is going to be a better place next year? In the next decade? Can we end hunger, achieve gender equality, halt climate change, all in the next 15 years? The Social Progress Index has some good news.

Key Note
Michael Green, Chief Executive Officer of the Social Progress Imperative
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10:30-10:50  Building a movement of tech philanthropists
David will talk about how Founders Pledge developed into a revolutionary approach to early stage philanthropy and a network of likeminded people. It’s about bringing people together, getting them to talk to each other around common causes – and actually take part in that change.

Key Note
David Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer of The Founders Pledge
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10:50-11:30  Coffee Break


11:30-12:10 Exploring New Frontiers: Unlocking Resources for Social Good through Impact Bonds

Maya Ziswiler, Head of Innovative Finance at UBS Optimus Foundation
Farrukh Khan, Senior Director of Business Development, Acumen
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12:10-12:30  Using Evidence for More Impact in Philanthropy
Examples from around the world show how evidence-based approaches can identify the strongest programs, which governments and NGOs can then scale to reach millions.

Annie Duflo, Executive Director of Innovations for Poverty Action
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12:30  Lunch Break


Afternoon Sessions 14:00-17:00

14:00-14:20  End Poverty - Give Work!
Leila Janah’s Samasource is on track to pull in $15 million in revenue this year by setting up workers in Kenya, Uganda, India, and other underprivileged parts of the world as remote freelancers for the tech sector, an arrangement that boosts their average wages from less than $2.50 a day to more than $8.

Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource and LXMI
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14:20-15:00  The Global Deal - a Multi-Stake Holder Partnership
The Global Deal is a global partnership in line with Goal 17 in the UN 2030 Agenda and it aims to encourage governments, businesses, unions and other organizations to make commitments to enhance social dialogue.

Annika Söder, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, Chairman, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Moderator: Natalia Brzezinski, Senior Advisory Board Member of Global Deals, CEO of Symposium Stockholm and the Brilliant Minds Foundation
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15:00-15:20  Digital Transformation to Empower Social Good

Sylvie Laffarge, Director of Philanthropies Europe, Microsoft
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15:20-16:00  Partnership for a Better World in Achieving Global Goals: Global Goal 5 on Gender Equality
This panel will explore how grassroots-led and women-centered partnerships can create sustainable change, increase women's agency and leadership, and address structural barriers that women and girls face in their everyday lives.

Diana Amini, Global Manager, H&M Foundation
Foundation 500 - Film Clip
Emily Bove, Executive Director, Women Thrive Association
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16:00-16:20 Coffee Break


16:20-16:50  Partnership for a Better World in Achieving Global Goals: Global Goal 14 on Life Below Water
Oceans are essential to the existence of every creature on this planet, and its health is one of the most critical issues of our time. You’ll hear about bold new ways to safeguard our Oceans – from philanthropists, visionaries and experts in the field.

Nishan Degnarain, Special Advisor to World Economic Forum on Oceans
Nina Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, X Four-10 / REV
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16:50-17:00  Closing and Reflections on the Day

Per Josefsson, Philanthropist, SPS Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder Brummer & Partners
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